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This time, the team found a link between contact with exes and the quality of the current relationship: The more frequent the contact with an ex, the satisfied participants were with their current relationship.

These two studies together suggest that just being in touch with an ex may not indicate anything about how happy you are with your current partner, but it could if that contact is How did these motives relate to the quality of participants’ current relationships?

Most people didn’t communicate with their ex too often, but a small subgroup—13 percent—had contact with exes several times a week. The more serious the status of the current relationship (e.g., married or nearly engaged vs.

dating), the less likely participants were to have contact with an ex.

However, continued communication with an ex was to how serious the relationship with the ex had been.

(This is probably because these participants were relatively young, so they would not have the same level of investment that requires future contact, such as co-parenting, that can occur when more committed relationships breakup.) Instead, it was their about their ex and about the breakup that predicted contact: People were more likely to communicate with exes they still had feelings for.

Is there reason to be jealous if your partner is friendly with an ex?They found that about 40 percent of the students kept in touch with an ex.For the vast majority (over 90 percent), this communication began within a couple of months of the breakup and continued to occur at least once every couple of months.For the most part, communicating with an ex because they were still a friend or because they had invested a lot in the relationship wasn't related to how the respondents felt about their current partner. If you’re using an ex as a backup, contact with the ex is likely to undermine your current relationship.Other research has shown that reminders of your ex can keep you attached to that person and make it more difficult to get over them.

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What implications does this have for people’s current relationships?

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