Wordpress not updating cache dual optic accommodating lenses

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Wordpress not updating cache

Now go to the W3TC CDN tab and configure these settings.

Click the “authorize” button and you will be taken to Max CDN where you can copy/paste your account credentials into W3 Total Cache.

Once purchased, it should say “the plugin is enabled in community mode.” Alternatively, your license key will be sent to you via email which you can enter in the General Settings tab. In the W3 Total Cache ‘Extensions’ tab, activate Cloudeflare and click the settings: Configure these Cloudflare settings: Caching Levels – I use the aggressive caching level which includes query strings.

Word Press SEO by Yoast – activate if using Yoast (ps. Hotlink protection – prevents spammy sites from hosting your images on their site (sucking up your bandwidth) which can cause CPU overages with your hosting company. You will be prompted to add your website and begin scan…3. Do a Google search for “how to change nameservers on Site Ground” (only search for your host), then follow their instructions.

Max CDN – here’s my 25% off Max CDN coupon, or sign up for a free trial. This is recommended in the official Word Press optimization guide…Google Page Speed Insights – here’s how it looks in your W3 Total Cache “dashboard” tab once you’ve added an API (instructions are provided in W3 Total Cache).

I prefer Pingdom and GTmetrix over Page Speed Insights because it’s more accurate (WP Rocket says this too).

See my for more tips – and comment if you have questions! this specific post loads much longer than .5s (because it has 500 comments, videos, and tons of photos). click through my pages if you want to see how fast they load :) (you’ll need a Dropbox account).

Upload under Performance → General Settings → Import / Export Settings.

If you do not have a CDN provider, you can still improve your site’s performance using the “Self-hosted” method.I recommend using both since each one adds more data centers, further reducing the geographic distance between your server and visitor.But if you’re deciding between faster hosting or Max CDN, hosting is still the #1 speed factor.When I click the grid_reload button, the grid reloads, but when it has done so it shows exactly the same data as before, even though the xml is tested to return different data for different timestamps. So even if you make the same request multiple times from the same browser instance, if it is for the same URL it will always use the cached version (IE, data from the first request). I have checked using alert(Element By Id('datepicker_start').value) that the values in the date inputs are passed correctly when the reload event is triggered.

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Make sure you ‘strip all cookies’ and follow the same settings I use, which were configured by Max CDN themselves. If you see “cookie-free domains” in your Pingdom report, you may want to contact Max CDN’s support to see if they will help you with this – they were able to fix this for me.

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