Womans guide to dating

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Meet him in the middle, and plan weekends where you can do both.

My boyfriend and I have gotten really good at this, but we definitely struggled with it for a while.

Before my current relationship, I was going out every night. There was nothing more exciting to me that the idea of going to new places and meeting new people. He kept up so well that I actually started to think that he was an extrovert like me! And, while this seems like it would cause problems, it actually tends to make things easier from a relationship standpoint because each partner balances the other out.

I mean, I knew that he was a little on the quiet side, but I can be that way too, so I didn’t think much of it. So remember, be patient if your partner’s introvertedness is frustrating you, and understand that the balance he provides will help you become a better person if you let it.

Now, we know to just be straightforward with one another to find out what we need.But, like I said, I’m not incredibly outgoing for an extrovert.In fact, when I was in elementary school, I kept to myself quite a bit.While his hesitance was endearing to me, it might not have gone over so well if I didn’t understand the flirting style of introverts.You see, introverts can be super polite when they flirt… No, I’m not talking about “niceness.” Niceness is great.

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My boyfriend and I met when we started playing in a band together, but it took him a while to make a move on me initially.

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