Who was aaliyah dating

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Aaliyah was 14 when the song was released; Kelly was 27.

On August 31, 1994, they were secretly married, with Aaliyah claiming to be 18 on the marriage certificate.

Hankerson began to use Knight’s connections and capitalize on her celebrity.

He appeared with her on that cover, sporting a tasteful leisure suit, a trim goatee, and an Afro.

The three albums she released while alive influenced some of today’s most significant artists—Drake, Beyoncé, the Weeknd, and many more. In fact, Aaliyah’s most popular, most important works—the albums , and late-career singles like “Are You That Somebody?And, in his first foray into the music business, he started a management company to handle her affairs.When they divorced in 1979, Hankerson abandoned Detroit politics for Los Angeles glamour.Other times they’re the result of ideological stands against the devaluation of artistic output (Joanna Newsom), or cranky nitpicking about audio quality (Neil Young).But Aaliyah’s internet absence is different—there’s no logic to it.

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For her debut, he paired her with Kelly, who produced and wrote most of the songs on , released in 1994.

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