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Who is destiny cyrus dating

What they share is definitely mutual since as a child we remember seeing toddler Miley break away from the crowd to join her dad on stage many years ago.

Billy has always been an open-minded dad so seeing his daughter happy is the greatest thing ever so whatever stance she takes concerning her sexuality or her public image, he is with her and fully supportive.

He fell in love with music as a youngster that he started singing at the age of four.

In junior year, Billy realized he loves music and wanted to be a musician so he dropped out of school and started a musical career in no time. Cyrus released some albums then shifted temporarily to Christian music.

When asked if he would ever try to get Miley to stop pursuing fame, he said, "This was Miley's dream. I felt it was her destiny to bring hope to the world.One thing we know for sure is that Dolly has great faith in Miley Cyrus!brought a whole new sound into the singer's discography.Posey talked about his and Cyrus' childhood romance back in 2015.He revealed they dated for two years when they were around 9 years old and that Cyrus was his first kiss.

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When I see her selling out arenas around the world or on her TV show, making people laugh, bringing families into the living room together, we always, you know, try to put positive messages in each episode if we could.

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