Who is amy macdonald dating

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Who is amy macdonald dating

Amy attends a wedding, the bride's funeral, her murder trial - and is executed by electric chair. While Amy is talking to her partner, a man knocks on their door looking for his cat. Amy is one of four women on the panel of a talk show called The Gab, in which most of the chat is about their mutual friend Janelle. Amy is the wife of a coach who implements a no-rape rule on his American football team. In a parody of 12 Angry Men, a jury of 12 men must determine if Amy Schumer is hot enough to be on TV.

Amy interviews a comedian friend of hers who has a criminal past. Amy is a married congresswoman who defends her sluttiness at a press conference. Amy joins a picnic with Tina Fey, Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Patricia Arquette. Initially, only one juror thinks that she is hot enough - but the others are gradually persuaded that she is.

Amy Schumer is the only person featured in every episode and each segment. Amy has herpes and summons God, who is a middle-aged gay man. A small group of men, including Amy's husband, talk to each other about their sex lives.

Comedy Central airs two versions of the series; the regular version for prime time and earlier airings rated TV-14 with profanity bleeped, along with a late night 'uncensored' version rated TV-MA-L with no censoring at all. Amy marries a black man, where she is photographed by an interracial wedding photographer. Amy plays a mother in a television advertisement for a finger-shaped snack called Fingerblasters. Amy's husband's stories about sex with her are badly received by the rest.

Amy and her friends create a man in a 'Weird Science' way, but the result is a severely mutated being. Amy is a stripper on her first job - going to a house where she strips in front of dogs only.

Amy accompanies her partner on a shopping trip for a new shirt.

Her partner solves the problem by restarting the router.

Amy interviews a woman who used to be a phone sex operator.

Amy interviews a couple whose relationship has been open for all of the seven years that they have been together. She has separate conversations with two men who criticize her for 'being arrogant' by bringing up early in each conversation the fact that she has a boyfriend.Amy and her co-presenter's TV show is about types of people in the gym who annoy other gym-goers. Amy looks at her sex buddy's Rorschach test inkblots.Amy interviews a young man who used to deliver marijuana. Amy and her friend - who has a nut allergy - visit a diner. Amy interviews a comedian about his interesting sex life.However, when she is a few minutes late checking out, they turn hostile and a member of staff picks her up then carries her out.Amy and her partner receive couples therapy from supermodel Chrissy Teigen. Amy goes to a clothing store, where she buys a skirt which is far too small for her, believing that she will soon lose a lot of weight. Amy hires an interior decorator who describes the toilet as the shitter.

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