What does accomodating female mean

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Some women find that a very long or thick penis can cause discomfort and even pain during sex.

A long penis can hurt because it can hit the cervix during penetration, and a thick penis may feel like it’s stretching you too much.

So, what does the vagina actually feel like when it is being entered, probed, and “filled” with a big penis? That “good” feeling comes from the friction of the penis rubbing within me.

If I am too dry, the friction can cause discomfort rather than pleasure.

If my vagina is too well lubricated, the friction is often reduced.

In those cases, the actual intercourse can be less enjoyable, but that is often overcome by my mental stimulation knowing how turned on I am because I being screwed by a big penis.

Also the experience of accommodating a big penis can be a mentally stimulating, thus, making it easier to reach orgasm.Try gently discouraging your cat by moving away from her when she starts licking.Spritz your arms or hand with lemon juice, an immediate feline turn-off.You've seen cats licking each other, helping in the grooming ritual, especially around the hard-to-reach ears and top of the head.But why is Kitty inspired to lick your arm or toes -- or even your hair? Being licked is the first tactile experience your cat remembers -- that washcloth feeling of her mama cat's tongue thoroughly rubbing her coat, ears and every part of her little body.

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A big penis can be both a visual and a sensational turn on.

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