Weather widget not updating

Posted by / 01-Jan-2020 16:47

Weather widget not updating

EDIT: I talked to support and told me to reboot into safe mode where it updated.It was updated and is now updating just fine when rebooting into normal mode, so it does not seem to be a third party app causing the issue.Considering high value of the widget and app, Weather widget not updating on i Phone and i Pad in i OS 11 needs to be fixed immediately. Enter the passcode and your Location Services will be reset.In this tutorial, we provide you with some simple solutions to fix this weather widget issue on your i Phone or i Pad running i OS 11. Once you reset Location Services on your i Phone, simply reboot your device.Check out my post from the other day: https:// Pixel/comments/5a2kki/pixel_launcher_not_showing_weather/What ended up fixing it was pressing "Get Started" on the Google Now screen and then turning on the feed.

Given its significant use during a day, Weather app and widget must function well on your i Phone and i Pad.

You may have added a couple of cities to your Weather app; these cities would be ones where you frequently visit.

It goes without saying that you have added your native town first.

Don’t forget to enable Location Services on your i Phone if you have disabled this feature. Your phone will be restarted automatically and your Weather widget will start operating smoothly.

This is your second last chance to fix Weather widget not working issue on your i Phone. In the last resort, you can remove Weather app and install it again on your i Phone running i OS 11.

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When you turn off Location Services, your local city will be removed automatically, and when you launch Weather app, you will be asked to enter your city, ZIP code or airport location. You can follow the same steps to turn on Location Services for Weather app again.