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My first attempt three years ago didn’t succeed because I missed the deadline of submission. Although the number of scholarships given to Indonesian citizens tends to decrease year by year, Indonesia is still one the biggest recipient country of Chevening out of 118 countries all over the world.

It clearly shows how the selection has become extremely competitive that only individuals who match the criteria will be short-listed.

DO also note that Chevening supports Indonesian citizens’ high education because of reasons.

So convince them by showing that you are capable of delivering direct contribution to Indonesia through your specialization.

The scholarship is extremely competitive so you need to make sure that your application shines above 700 other applicants or so.

Therefore, it is crucial to describe yourself in a way that promises them of a future important person whom they can contact one day.

DO highlight any of your achievement in initiating a project, research, or action because that can be considered as leadership-personality traits.

DO make sure you meet the basic criteria such as minimum GPA, number of years of work experience, and English language requirement.

Nevertheless, The words are determination and preparation. That is because, essentially, Chevening always looks for individuals who have passion and know how to achieve their ambitions.

The “Potential future leaders”, as they say it, the one that aspires to bring change to their respective country.

DO think carefully about this type of question before doing the interview. DON’T be reluctant when sharing your vision because it is the key to convince them of the benefit of investing in you.

In regards to school application, as I spoke with different Chevening scholars, they all offer different ideas to approach it.

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Time flies too fast I didn’t realize the autumn term 2013 has ended and I have now begun my second term at King’s College London. For those of you who are thinking of applying for this year’s intake, you are already late.