Validating xml file against schema

Posted by / 21-Oct-2020 01:56

This section assumes you are already familiar with the mapping file concepts documented in previous sections.

Bean IO is similar to other OXM (Object to XML Mapping) libraries, except that it is also capable of marshalling and unmarshalling extremely large XML files by reading and writing Java beans one record at a time.

The following table lists supported field attributes for validation.

When a namespace is declared, the local name and namespace must match when unmarshalling XML, and appropriate namespace declarations are included when marshalling bean objects.

For this reason, when unmarshalling untrusted sources, it is recommended that you read the stream twice, using the first pass to validate the integrity of the file including syntax, record identification, record ordering, possible header/trailer counts, etc.

For example, the following mapping file might be used to validate our orders file. This section provides further details for using Bean IO to marshall and unmarshall Java objects to and from XML formatted streams.

Let's suppose we are reading a CSV input file of orders that contains an order, followed by the customer that placed the order, followed by a detailed list of items that make up the order.

A sample input file might look like this: will most likely not be able to recover.

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Thrown when a record does not match any record definition configured in the mapping file.