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Validating server migration

The changeset field is optional and can be used to validate historical revision content.

Label comparison is similar to tip comparison, but performed at certain points in time based on labels or tags that were applied to the source tree.

To see the details of file level changesets within a label you would need to right click the label and select "Edit Label".

For labels that are not found, it is a good idea to use the "Find - Find Labels..." dialog to check for the existence of the labels in case it was applied at a different level than you expected.

The most basic form of validation is comparing the tips of each of the branches in the source tree which can be performed using the Source Control Explorer window by using the "Compare" option when right clicking on the folder you are interested in validating.

Additionally as compared to SVN, the version shown for folders is the changeset the folder was added in, not the latest changeset of any child items.

This would cause the early comments to appear as if they were added in the middle or end of the file’s history.

If the main development and release branches are being migrated, the branch relationship between the various branches should be validated that so that the built in TFS merging functionalty can be used.

To do this go to the Team Foundation Client and right click on the file you want to compare and select "View History" to populate the "History" pane as shown below.

Once the pane is populated, you can highlight all of the entries and copy them into Excel as shown below.

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The branch relationships on individual items can also be verified by right click on and item, selecting "Advanced - Properties" and then selecting the "Branches" tab.

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