Updating zones files named via commandline

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I am trying to save a scenario through Dayzer and use that file in Dayzer long-term, but nothing gets written into the Input DB?

When I run a DZScript for a multi-day period, the run stops after processing a certain number of days i.e.

When I change my wind/load schedule options (WSH/ILD) via Scenario Settings dialog vs.

changing wind/load schedules via New Scenario settings dialog, I see some differences in my results. If I want hourly PFD files with contingency analysis runs, should I select the Save PFD with each CA iteration option (available in CA Settings dialog), OR, should I select Save Hourly PFD option (available through simulation parameter dialog) in Dayzer short-term? I am currently running backcast for a collection of days with different parameters.

Why sometimes, in the constraint dialog (opened by double clicking the constraint in Dayzer), the ISO shadow prices have opposite sign of shadow-price shown on the Binding constraints shadow prices dialog? Capacity, it says the total units is 384 however, the total MW derate is 2000.

The constraints could either be line constraints or monitored elements for other contingencies.Can Dayzer distinguish between regulation reserves in the model?How can I use Dayzer to estimate the full cost of over-generation / min-gen conditions that are created by high wind output during off-peak hours?But this report does not show what the corresponding contingencies are for the constraint shadow prices.In other words, what was the element in contingency that causes the constraint to be binding?

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What are the factors I need to take care of while using Dayzer to calculate real time prices for PJM market?