Updating xp sp1

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Updating xp sp1

Hopefully that will restore everything you've lost.

If that does work, then you can select a few updates at a time and download them using the Windows Update option at Start All Programs, (it is an option listed at the top).

Archived from groups: microsoft.public.windowsxp.help_and_support (More info? )Hi, I would like to update my PC (XP Pro SP1) with SP2 pack.

After having checked on Microsoft website and after having selected - keepyour PC updated - I got a list of 31 updates to install.

At number 39 everything stopped and I had to re-boot to make the PC work again.

Now, on checking the MS update site which gives a list of what has been done, I find that 13 updates failed with error code 0x D0000005.

Can anyone give me a clue as to what I should do next.Can someone point me to an article giving me a list of what to do to update SP1 to SP2.This has probably been covered many times in the past and I am sorry to bring this up again but I can\u0027t read 1013 threads and 25000 topics.As Bob says, your computer must be squeaky clean of viruses, spyware, trojans and the like before the upgrade. Only you know your user name and password, but the ISP web site should help with the server settings. Mark The update with SP2 went well but Win Update then looked for more to install.It found a package of 70 new updates and started to install them.

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