Updating ruby version

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Updating ruby version

Multiple symlinks that point to the same application will share the same worker processes.

This means if you have another web server running on port 80, like the Apache that comes with Mac OS X, it will be inaccessible without either disabling the firewall rule or updating that server's configuration to listen on another port.You can override this behavior to serve all requests for unhandled domains with a particular Rack application.Create a symlink in You can also use port proxying to access web apps written for other runtimes such as Python or This is almost exclusively relevant to those who jailbreak and unlock their hardware though, and for the average user the standard IPSW files available from Apple work just fine.We have several comprehensive lists of i OS IPSW files hosted from Apple’s servers, you can see them all and access the downloads from the following places: Note that each list includes all i OS versions after 3.0.

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A significant advantage to using firmware files can be found for users with limited access to broadband internet, where downloading a software update on a remote faster connection makes more sense.