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Updating quickbooks reports in excel

All churches, from church plants to established churches, single campuses to multi-site organizations, small town congregations to mega-churches, face having more administrative work than time in the day.

Icon CMO provides all the necessities a church needs to productively manage their congregation and finances.

Could you help shed some light on the matter for those of us who are in the dark?

Do all churches need to be in compliance with these standards? Could you give us a brief summary of the standards?

This means that you and your staff can work on membership, donations, or accounting from anywhere, not just at the office. Cloud computing enables you to keep up with the latest technology without all of the up-front costs.

That's why we provide some of the best customer support in the industry.

Our support lines are always answered by a live person and you are talking to highly skilled support staff.

Finally, could you explain to us how Icon CMO will help churches be fully compliant with the standards?

Church leaders realize it is their own responsibility to be in compliance, but the more information you can share with us here, the better.

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When donations are posted, Icon CMO will map the money directly into the appropriate accounting funds, checkbook, and revenue accounts, completely eliminating the need for double entry by the accounting bookkeeper.

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