Updating promotion points

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Updating promotion points

This change will be effective 1 March 2017 and will not affect 1 February2017 promotions.5.

Commanders (CDRs), Brigade (BDE)/Battalion (BN) S1s, and Military Personnel Divisions (MPDs) must correctly update e MILPO to reflect one entry of the DRV/MECH badge and atleast one type of authorized component bar in order for a Soldier to receive 10 promotionpoints on their PPW.6.

With the new system, in cases that would previously require an ETP due to an unavoidable circumstance that is no fault of the Soldier, S1, MPD, or Promotions Work Center, the promotion authority may submit a request for an Administrative Records Correction (ARC). The Unit, S1, MPD, and/or Promotion Work Center are responsible to ensure personnel records are updated both timely and accurately. "Mackie" Ocampo is a full-time Active Duty Master Sergeant and has served in the Army for 14 years to date with 9 years of service as a Human Resources Specialist.

Currently, he serves in the Brigade S4, 2d Stryker Brigade Combat Team, 2d Infantry Division at Joint Base Lewis-Mc Chord, WA. Carson, CO, Schofield Barracks, HI, twice in Afghanistan, and twice in Iraq accumulating over 59 months of overseas service.

I like to keep the DA 1059 behind the certificate for easy sorting. It helps keep things together and easier to sort through. In my book I have all my college info, transcripts, VA approval, separation checklists, DD214, GI Bill info, Power of Attorneys my husband has given me, and paperwork turning me from a sponsor into a dependent (:( sniff: sniff) So these are our "I Love Me" books. I know there are more elaborate ways to organize things but I think this is a simple and easy way.

Samsung’s server is the official time-keeping device for this Promotion. Participation by consumers under 18 years old will be deemed to be accompanied with consent by the parent/guardian. The Samsung Rewards Points will then be credited into the individual’s Samsung Rewards account. Tap on the promotion banner and agree with the Terms and Conditions within Bixby which will direct individuals to Samsung Rewards. Upon direction to Samsung Rewards, individuals will automatically be granted the Samsung Rewards Points. The Samsung Rewards Points will then be credited into the individual’s Samsung Rewards account.

Aged 18 years and above as stated on their NRIC/Passport (as of 9 March 2018); or ii.

This Promotion is open to individuals who: (a) Are residents of Malaysia (including Malaysian and/or non-Malaysian) and: i.

Use information from multiple sources when making important professional decisions.

Every user who purchases the Samsung Galaxy S9 and/or Samsung Galaxy S9 and is entitled to receive 1,500 Samsung Rewards points after activating Samsung Pay, Bixby and Samsung Members on the Offer Period. The 1,500 Samsung Rewards points will be evenly distributed amongst the three participating Samsung Galaxy apps: - Samsung Pay (500 Samsung Rewards Points) - Bixby (500 Samsung Rewards Points) - Samsung Members (500 Samsung Rewards Points) General Info 1. This promotion begins on 16 March 2018 at 9.00 a.m. Children aged 13 years and above but have not attained 18 years of age as stated on their NRIC/Passport (as of 9 March 2018).

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I keep them in chronological order from most recent to oldest.

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