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While interest rates are slowly rising, they remain at historically low levels.

As a result, many income-focused investors continue to search for the best high dividend stocks to meet their long-term investing needs.

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The big concern for dividend investors is that declining free cash flow, which is what funds the dividend, could put the current generous payout at risk, especially given the company’s plans to aggressively de-leverage its balance sheet (pay down debt).

Now the good news is that management has a multi-pronged long-term international growth strategy it calls “Vision 2020”.

The first is that while Tupperware sells branded products, those operate in highly competitive industries, such as cosmetics (one of the highest margin businesses in the world) and nutritional supplements.

The problem is that major competitors with far larger economies of scale (i.e.

A stronger dollar also makes Tupperware’s products more expensive (and less competitive) overseas, which is literally where more than 100% of growth is expected to come from in the future. S., Canada, Europe, and Australia are seeing declining sales and earnings over time, even in newer and more trendy business segments such as cosmetics and health supplements (which is why Beauticontrol was shut down). These have much larger populations, rapidly expanding economies, and booming middles classes.S., with 66% of sales coming from fast-growing emerging markets such as Mexico, Brazil, India, and China.The company announced a major restructuring in July 2017, shutting down its North American Beauticontrol business, which has been suffering from declining sales and profitability.In 2005, after a series of large-scale acquisitions of different product segments, the company changed its name to Tupperware Brands.Today, Tupperware is a global direct-to-consumer marketer of numerous household goods, including containers, cookware, knives, microwave products, microfiber textiles, water-filtration related items, and an array of on-the-go consumer products.

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This will mean that going forward, even less of the company’s sales will come from North America, and management expects to see cash costs of $90 to $100 million associated with the restructuring through the end of 2019 ($25 million in 2017).