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The jackets weren’t damaged, which suggested that the Lonergans likely took them off, “delirious from dehydration,” and drowned.When three friends head to a Mexican border town to have some fun in this movie, they get mixed up with a cult specializing in human sacrifice.Yes, this is one of the most underrated movies on cannibalism which will spook you like nothing else can.Because Source: Metrotimes Like stories on exorcism and the devil?The director of this movie drew inspiration from the murders by serial killer Charles Mansion and a series of events that took place near his childhood home. So are you looking for a box to keep your wine bottles safe?Source: tlchai Like exorcism movies with twisted old tricks? It is based on a book called Beware The Night which is based on non-fictional events. Source: youtube Want some alligator related horror flick? This is based on Joe Ball, a man who killed around 20 women and watched the alligators feed on them.Many a horror movie has claimed to be “based on a true story.” But just how true are those true stories?From serial killers to unexplained supernatural experiences, here are the real (and allegedly real) inspirations behind thirty horror films.

Source: diaboliquemagazine We all enjoy a good meal but what if you had to eat human meat for your next meal?

Then they heard screams in the middle of the night. That became the central line of Jeremy Renner starred as the notorious serial killer in this horror biopic that includes fictional versions of several of Dahmer’s victims.

Dahmer, also known as the Milwaukee Cannibal, ultimately took the lives of 17 boys and men.

Source: almrsal Love blood, gore and knife-fingered ghosts? The makers of this movie were inspired by a group of Laotian refugees who had died in throes of a nightmare.

The medical reports said there was nothing wrong with them physically.

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