Trouble updating zone alarm Free russian chat rooms

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Trouble updating zone alarm

This fix may require users who are using non standard twips per pixel to readjust their screens slightly. You must download HB9BZA's Lo TW list You may need to right click the link and select "Save as".

Put in the same directory as the CC User update (ve7cc.exe). 2.144 Fixed bug that crashes program when scrolling too far back in entry line at bottom of screen.

If it is too long, an error will be generated by the node.

To get around this, if possible, two or more bands are combined into one.

There are 4 new WWV spots, 5 Announcements and 11 local users connected.

To maximize the raw window, click on the "square" to the left of these buttons.As well as the usual data in a dx spot, the following data can also be shown.Spotter's node, Spotters country, DX Country's regular prefix, DX Country name, spotter and DX stations CQ/ITU zones, grid squares, states/provinces. To use a TNC see TNC Setup Information Set to allow both a Logging Program via local telnet and a Contest Program on comm 1 @ 9600 baud Can be used as a "front end" for various logging programs. Will auto reconnect to the node if the connection drops.Alt click on any call and it will be entered as the destination of a talk message. The second column of numbers is the total number of spots per band. Are you missing DX by connecting to a certain node? If you want the answers, you might want to do these tests. Make sure you do not have "Configuration" if the nodes can "see" each other. You probably want to turn them completely off for this test. Now overlap the windows as shown and watch the spots. Some nodes have only USA/VE or NA West Coast spots available, but the majority of them have world wide spots available. Disconnect any link, either by sending a "b" on the bottom line, or by pressing the "Disconnect" button at the top of the screen. Make sure you have "Keep Alives in Minutes" set to anything other than 0, which will disable them. (well the last 100 anyway) Hopefully these tests will answer your questions, and help you to decide what to do. In all the testing I have done, all the nodes have all the spots.The 2 spots on 40 meters, below the line of "stars" are spots that are being viewed for the first time. If you have "Configuration Auto Reconnect" checked, the ones disconnected by sending a "b" will reconnect in a minute or so. All the spots arrive within a second or two most of the time. Which node is first with the spot varies from spot to spot. Two spots arriving at almost the same time may arrive in different order from different nodes.

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To enable or disable this feature, you need to go to "Configuration You can reject DX Spots by "DX" or "Spotter" Callsign, or by items in the "Comment" field.

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