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Tire dating code

Also, Santana placed a premium on torsional frame stiffness, which is heavily tested in a tandem, and pioneered in assembling top-quality components and sourcing special items such as 48-spoke hubs and rims that made for reliable wheels. S., which has a bottom similar to a Schrader and necks down to about the size of a Presta.

This is a Woods valve, formerly popular in the British Isles and Asia.

Sachs formerly also made kick-back hubs and a "2 x 6" hybrid hub, the "Orbit".

This can be confusing to a consumer who may think that a hub is a high-tech cartridge-bearing unit, when it is actually a normal cup-and-cone bearing with a plastic dustcap.

If the threads do not extend full length, technically it is a "bolt" but only pedants insist on this distinction.

A "sealed" bearing is one which has rubber or plastic gaskets to prevent the entry of dirt.

The bicycle division was sold to the SRAM Corporation, in November 1997.

Most of the products formerly called "Sachs" are now called "SRAM." Up-to-date information is on the SRAM site.

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Sachs was the major European competitor to Shimano for the general bicycle parts market.

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