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Get a list of at least three things the two of you will like doing together before you decide where to go. Even if the two of you aren’t hitting it off, do you want to become known as the guy who had a friend call him and then made up some lame excuse to bail? So instead, plan an activity that has a set time limit.Then pick the one you think has the greatest potential to be fun for both of you, even if it ends up being the most awkward date you’ve ever been on. Let’s use miniature golf as an example: It’s an activity, but one that has a defined end to it.Plan an Activity That’s Fun Either Way To have a good time even if the two of you don’t hit it off, plan an activity that you enjoy — that you both enjoy.

You have no idea what to expect, but whatever it is, it is something you have to endure for the rest of the evening. Today we’re bringing you a set of fabulous tips for a perfect blind date experience. In fact, there are tons of ways that a blind date can go wrong!If you have a blind date coming up, don’t worry ladies, I’ve got the top 7 must-know things for making your date fool-proof!Rather, comfort yourself with the fact that he is just as squirmy as you are and that will allow you to go with the flow. All you need to think about is making happy conversation.Because if you manage to achieve that, then no matter where the relationship goes—it’ll be worth it. If you manage to put your blind date at ease, you’ve just cut the awkwardness quotient by leaps.

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