The ringer quotes speed dating

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The ringer quotes speed dating

“We always head to a race wanting the best result possible.

There are good opportunities to overtake and you never know what surprise the British weather might produce.© Sutton Images “[Another point this weekend] would be very nice but let’s be clear - this is a different race track and a different weekend.At the last Grand Prix we seemed to have improved a few things things that were holding us back.The British Grand Prix is always a fantastic occasion in its own right, but especially for the teams who are based here.The Manor Technical Centre is only 15 miles from Silverstone, so it’s a rare opportunity for everyone who is normally based there to share in the race weekend experience.

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If we can find just a little bit more from the car then we can get into Q2 and from there you’re nearer to points potential in the race.” “We have a few small updates for the Grand Prix as it’s back-to-back with Austria which doesn’t leave much time.

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