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Teenage dating bases

Chances are you won't hear the phone ring — and you won't get to chat (even briefly! Tami Beck, a mother of two in Shawnee, Kansas, remembers when a boy came to pick up her 15-year-old daughter and called from the driveway."He pulls in and gets on his cell phone and says, 'I'm here,'" Beck recalls.Remember sitting by the phone, waiting for a boy to call and ask for a date?

Your parents want to meet him.'" And to make sure their kids end up where they say they're going to be, some parents insist their kids call home by landline to confirm their whereabouts using caller ID.

Kids still start pairing off around the same age (between 12 and 14, with more serious relationships usually reserved for the later teen years), and parents still worry about them experimenting with sex.

But these days, there's even more reason for concern.

The teenagers who were born in the 90s were easily the worst.

As the early 2000s saw them first noticing their growing feelings for girls n boys, they had all sorts of methods of wooing at their disposal from MSN Messenger to the now archaic paper fortune teller. All very romantic until the eagle-eyed teacher catches you and makes you read out loud to everyone your request for someone to be your boo.

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Whether in a relationship or fancying someone from afar, here are some of the most embarrassing things we all did back then in the name of a 1 week relationship.

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