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Template Groups property and call Use of this method is not recommended because template editing is handled in System.

Get Current Thread Id has been deprecated because it does not provide a stable Id when managed threads are running on fibers (aka lightweight threads).

Get Reader takes the importer interface pointer as an System. Int32, and thus works on both 32-bit and 64-bit architectures. Otherwise, define Toolsets instead in the registry or config file, or by adding elements to the Engine's Microsoft.

NET Framework location as the Bin Path, no other action is necessary. Toolset Collection, in order to use a custom Bin Path. NET Framework location as the Bin Path, just change to the parameterless Engine. Otherwise, you can define custom toolsets in the registry or configuration file, or add elements to the Engine's Microsoft.

Use the following links to see a list of the obsolete members and the recommended alternatives in each assembly.

This topic doesn't list the members of obsolete types. The Dyn Data registry key only works on Win9x, which is no longer supported by the CLR. Performance Data registry key or the Registry Proxy. Methods that use evidence to sandbox are obsolete and will be removed in a future release of the .

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Regions allow for better control of the content in the designer. Error: This property can no longer be referenced, and is included to support existing compiled applications. Use of this property is not recommended because template editing is handled in System.

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