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He also avoided questions from the media on the identity of the lady in the Whats App chat, but said he would contact reporters, promising to send them the audio files.

Meanwhile, Mat Sabu said he will refer the matter to his lawyer for further action.

But one participant in the study tweaked only one variable while leaving the rest unchanged: the spending rate. Money Mustache maintained an outwardly-normal appearance among this peer group, showing up at work in acceptable clothing, achieving similar job performance, earning an average amount, and participating in all the usual social activities, yet adjusted his spending downwards enough to make a drastic difference in his financial outcome. To be fair, let’s adjust the spending estimates to assume we are comparing two double-income families with two school-age kids.

Miscellaneous "shopping" (stuff you buy at the mall, coffee shops, trinkets on vacation, .00 gourmet juices at the airport, voluntary ownership of multiple large animals, plus anything else not covered in this table! Just by switching from the typical high-income family’s spending, to the slightly-less-ridiculous-yet-still-luxurious level of spending that comes as part of adopting a more Mustachian lifestyle, this typical family was able to reduce its annual spending by over ,000 per year.

And is the effort of learning how to do it, worth the reward of slicing 35.5 years from your mandatory working career as shown in the table?

I think we’re going to see a lot more ass-kicking in the months and years to come.

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In an immediate reaction, Mat Sabu said he was not surprised by the allegations. But Rizal refused to say whether he had confronted his “idol” with the material he received.

Sure, I’m interested in becoming rich and maybe even having the option of early retirement.

But nobody ever got rich by clipping coupons or skipping lattes. A few days ago, I had the opportunity to go out to lunch with a dozen of my old coworkers from the high-tech company.

And all of this comes with a time-tested guarantee that you will gain, rather than lose, happiness as you implement the changes.

So now I can turn the question around: what do YOU think is more effective: optimizing your spending, or simply working overtime or asking your boss for a ,000-before-tax raise?

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The company’s generous benefits plan would have further saved me some out-of-pocket expenses, like the cash we paid to the hospital when our son was born.

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