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Update: December 24, 2008 After undergoing chemotherapy and radiation treatments in Israel earlier this year, Rabbi Weinberg has been recuperating but is still very weak.In the midst of all this, Rabbi Weinberg never stopped moving forward in his lofty goals.For the past 50 years, Rabbi Weinberg has dedicated his life to helping countless Jews around the world connect to the beauty and wisdom of Torah.

However, he was truly a tzaddik based on the way he treated others, especially his family. Who will shake his fist at the tide of assimilation? My family would disappear into extinction in two generations if you didn't take in my father like you did. Weinberg, thank you very much for having me in the essentials program at the end of 1997 and beggining of 1998.

Aish changed my life, with the torah that I learnt and the friends that I made - teaching me that the Jewish People truly are connected to both G-d and each other, wherever we are found.

BDE -- R' Weinberg's passing is such a tragic loss for all of us.

Rabbi Weinberg personally thanks everyone for all their efforts, prayers and concern. Chanukah is the time that we see how the impossible can become possible, especially for those devoted to fighting for the sake of God and the Jewish people.

Yet the passing of time can desensitize us and cause us to accept the status quo.

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Every physical action in this world is responded to in kind by the Almighty. The Torah is the Almighty's instructions for living, the blueprint of creation. Share the beauty and depth of Judaism with a fellow Jew who may be disconnected. The Jewish people are in grave danger; we must not remain silent.