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He felt that the wing near the body should be thicker so that it could be utilized for additional storage, made possible by making the wing near the body longer. He boldly and correctly proclaimed that the globulars outline the Galaxy, and that the Galaxy is far larger than was generally believed and centered thousands of light years away in the direction of Sagittarius.In the early 1920's, Shapley entered a “Great Debate” with Heber D. They truly argued over the “Scale of the Universe.” .He wrote many accounts his discoveries, and during his expeditions made many pictures for documentation.English mathematician and logician who helped establish modern symbolic logic and an algebra of logic, now called Boolean algebra.Alexander M(artin) Lippisch was a German-American aerodynamicist whose designs of tailless and delta-winged aircraft in the 1920s and 1930s were important in the development of high-speed jet and rocket airplanes.Lippisch based his tailless arrow shaped aircraft on this example from nature - a flying seed of a tropical plant sent to him by a friend. American astronomer known as “The Modern Copernicus,” who discovered the Sun's position in the galaxy. Wilson Observatory, where he calibrated Henrietta S. luminosity relation for Cepheid variable stars and used it to determine the distances of globular clusters.

(more topics) Kenneth Page Oakley was an English physical anthropologist, geologist and paleontologist who developed a method to date fossils bones by measuring their fluoride levels, based on a French minerologist's theory that bones would gradually absorb fluoride from surrounding soil.With his fluoride and other tests he proved the true age of the bones to be a modern human braincase and an orangutan jawbone.The bones of the forgery had been chemically stained to appear ancient.The study of mathematical or symbolic logic developed mainly from his ideas, and is basic to the design of digital computer circuits.Boolean algebras also find important applications in such diverse fields as topology, measure theory, probability and statistics. But when abuse has gone too far, when the time of reckoning finally comes, she is equally slow to be appeased and to turn away her wrath.

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Using a beam of neutrinos, the team discovered a new kind of neutrino called a muon, and new information about the structure of particles called leptons.