Sorority dating rules french canadian dating websites

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Sorority dating rules

It's kind of cute to see your boyfriend so excited about his brothers and his frat, but after he won't shut up about it for an entire week, it can get annoying.

If your boyfriend tends to distance himself when he's stressed or busy, then this may happen to you. Distance makes the heart grow fonder and when you two do spend time together, you will appreciate it more.

If drinking alcohol is an issue, it is best to address it ASAP and lay down some ground rules.

We know that frats have closed parties with sororities all the time.

I'm sure you've been told the following: "Joining a Greek organization is the time commitment equivalent of taking another 2-3 credit class! He still has to go to mandatory events and your time together WILL become limited.

It is best to talk to your boyfriend about this when you can and work on setting aside time for each other.

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Frats party a lot, and as a girlfriend, you'll more than likely be going to plenty of parties with your boyfriend. Yes, you get your own sorority's formals, but now you can attend your boyfriend's formals, too!

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