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Local, private adoption agencies offer fee-for-service adoption home studies for families seeking to adopt outside of the Hawai‘i State foster care system.

To become a general licensed foster or adoptive family in the state of Hawaii: Family Programs Hawaii Mindy Chung Phone: 808-540-2552 [email protected] In Development Foundation, Hui Hoomalu Program Email: [email protected] phone: 808-441-1121 Toll free: 888-879-8970 To provide foster care or an adoptive home for a specific child, contact the child’s social worker: The Hawaii Department of Human Services See your local phone directory for the social worker’s unit’s phone number.

Studies show that anaerobic exercise, which includes sprinting and strength-based activities, promotes the production of endorphins, making you feel good with a natural "high." Living with aloha is a common practice in the Hawaiian islands and, while it can be interpreted in many different ways, it embodies the idea of "living joyously in the present".

This infectious spirit will remind you that true happiness is a choice to be conscious of the present moment and to express love to everyone around you -- not just a significant other.

The role of foster families is to nurture the development of children by supporting birth family connections: Family Programs Hawaii Mindy Chung Phone: 808-540-2552 [email protected] In Development Foundation – Hui Hoomalu Program Email: [email protected] phone: 808-441-1117 Toll free: 888-879-8970 The minimum qualifications for foster and adoptive parents are: Read the Hawaii Department of Human Services website for more information about becoming a foster or becoming an adoptive family in Hawaii.

Normally, becoming a licensed foster or adoptive family for children in Hawai‘i’s foster care system is nearly free except for minimal fees associated with licensing requirements such as fingerprint clearances and safety measures within the family home.

These (insanely attractive) wanderlusting singles are in search of good times and good vibes, and they can be found in hostels, camp sites and pretty much any beach that hasn't been featured in Condé Nast Traveler.

Ok, ok, we can't promise that you won't run into at least one beachside wedding or canoodling couple, but we can promise you that you won't even care.

Mauna Loa’s most recent eruption was in 1984, following earthquake activity beneath the volcano.

Googly-eyed couples come to Hawaii for a week or two and stay at resorts.

But the islands' laid back culture, adorable small towns and world famous waves attract surfers, adventurers and free-spirited yogi types for month-long forays.

There are also high levels of magnesium in the water which helps to maintain a healthy nervous system, leaving you with a happy, stress-free brain.

But more importantly, although not completely backed by science, is the view -- what's not to love about a cerulean shoreline?

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Kilauea lies east of Mauna Loa and is considered to be Earth’s most active volcano. It covers about one-seventh of the island of Hawaii (southeast) and rises to about 4,090 feet (1,250 metres) above sea level.

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