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This creates a disconnect." Her advice is to try to find the corner of the bar or a high top table where you can face each other.If that isn't an option, make an effort to position yourself toward your date.And then you can order appropriate food and drink that will open up more real conversation." When it comes to ordering, don’t order to impress someone, order something you know instead.

This way your date will not potentially get distracted.

Trying to meet someone that way can have its ups and downs, but if you're looking to meet people in more "traditional" ways, Christina Oswald, the bartender at Mark Ridley’s Comedy Castle in Royal Oak, MI says it's still very effective.

"You have the opportunity to make an instant connection rather than days of messaging on a dating app just to have them flake on you," Oswald says.

If you're there with a friend, try not to sit too close together, so that someone new doesn't feel you are already engaged in a conversation.

Or better yet, go up to an interesting person yourself, and start a conversation.

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"Think about where and how you are sitting," Oswald says.