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Chinese and Japanese influences have been strong throughout Korean history but the Koreans descended as a distinct racial and cultural group from Tungusic (Siberian ethnic groups) tribal peoples from central Asia and Manchuria.

It is important to understand Korea’s strategic geographic position.

The Yi dynasty created a new capital at Seoul, established Confucianism as the official religion, and developed a Korean phoenetical alphabet.

Japanese warrior Toyotomi Hideyoshi won control of most of geographically close-by Japan in 1590, and two years later invaded Korea with 160,000 men seeking to conquer China after subduing Korea.

Later, Korea attempted to protect itself from outside threats by closing its borders and thereby became known as the Hermit Kingdom. The Yi dynasty lasted 519 years from 1392 until its formal annexation by Japan on August 22, 1910. Then in August 2000, as a representative of the newly formed Korea Truth Commission (KTC), our delegation visited the Kumjung Cave massacre site in Ilsan, Kyonggi Province north of Seoul, and the massacre at twin bridges viaduct near infamous Nogun Ri, 100 miles south of Seoul near Yongdong in North Chungchong Province.

Japan was becoming ever more powerful, and with secret U. In May 2000, while visiting several villages in South Korea about 80 miles southeast of the Yongdong/Nogun Ri area, I listened to dozens of horror stories of emotionally and physically wounded survivors of civilian massacres committed in 1950 by U. ground and air forces, as well as by South Korean forces under U. I heard even more of similar horror stories about what happened during the summer of 1950.

In 1392, Yi Songgye, with the aid of the Ming dynasty (which had replaced the Mongols in China), seized power.

The Republic of the United States of America, and its Europeon antecedent communities, only go back 400 years.

There is evidence that some of the Indigenous stock in the Western hemisphere originated in portions of Asia, including the Korean Peninsula.

The total area of the Peninsula is about 85,000 square miles, about equal in size to Great Britain or New York State.

This geography helps explain why Japan historically considered the Korean Peninsula as its “natural bridge” to the heart of the Asian continent.

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There is evidence of occupation through hunter-gatherer and burial sites from this period, such as at Tongsamdong (in southeastern Korea near present day Pusan), along with pottery, stone agricultural tools, and cereal cultivation of millet. D., Korea has been developing as a distinct people for 5,000-6,000 years. Distinct Korean style tools first began appearing in “Wae” (Japan), when Korean weapons (Dagger culture) emerged. Chariot fittings have been found near Pyongyang and the Taedong River basin (that flows from northeast to southeast through Pyongyang). After the schism in the Buddhist religion in northeast India in the first century A. the Chinese colony of Lolang was established near Pyongyang. Iron was exported from the lower Naktong River in southeastern Korea to Wae (Japan) and Lolang. Cultural elements from China, northern nomadic tribes, Lolang, and the Buddhist religion were incorporated during this period of Koguryo dominance.

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