Sex dating in jericho utah

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Sex dating in jericho utah

Eerily, the letters in "Fox" add up to 666 several different ways.And the Bible contains a 666-related verse in which Jesus called the Antichrist who kept trying to kill him here on earth a fox! To see all the evidence, please click here: FOX 666.Donald Trump called himself the Brexit candidate and Don Brexit in American gematria is 666.The Trump coat of arms (on the right below) contains three snakelike number six symbols in mirror images on the left and right." Revelation says Christians who follow the Beast will "drink of the wine of the wrath of God." Are Christians risking damnation when they reject Christ by supporting Trump? Lucifer is a sun god, called the "morning star." Thus a MAGUS is a magician, a sorcerer, an astrologer.

Not to mention that Donald Trump was born on a rare blood moon, and the Bible says that the moon will turn to blood before "the great and terrible day of the LORD." Also, Trump was born on June 14, 1956 which is a Julian date (YDDD) of 6165. Trump was born during a total lunar eclipse―a very rare event known as a "blood moon"―o June 14, 1946.

and of course their many connections to the number 666!

Even if Trump is not THE ANTICHRIST, he may be one of many antichrists: "Children, it is the last hour, and as you have heard that Antichrist is coming, so now Antichrists have come.

Exactly 666 days after Trump was born the horrific Der Yassin massacre took place in Israel on April 9, 1948, making peace impossible thereafter.

And what about the disturbing parallels between Donald Trump and Damien Thorn of the movies: the DT initials, both with six letters in each name, both Damien and Donald mean "one who rules/subdues," both fabulously rich via inheritances, both entitled pricks, both depraved, both liars speaking "great things" and blasphemies, both attending military academies, both with vast international business enterprises, both rising to political power by deceiving the masses, both buying real estate all over the globe, both ignoring conflicts of interest once in power, , both lacking human compassion and morality, both lacking any regard for God ...

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The picture above is 666 Fifth Avenue, a street symbolic of money (Mammon), materialism, hubris and power. Furthermore, the Trump's other New York City properties form a pentagram around the 666 centerpiece! In Jewish gematria and English Sumerian gematria, the value of the letters in Don Drumpf is 666.

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