Sex dating in beacon iowa

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Sex dating in beacon iowa

Wiener, Reimann, Frege, Green" fn.324/1072; Doucette, Anton ("The Boogerman") fn.147/1029; ETA student; confessing to Lyle re booger-like mole, 390; clinically depressed, 567; dreams- "talent's unconscious exercise [...] a long waking dream of pure play" 173; "expect some rough dreams [...] Keep a flashlight by your bed" 174-75; "This is also how not to fear sleep or dreams" 175; "dreamy, dreaming music that had the rhythm of long things swinging" 183; "nightmares where you prepare immaculately and [...] the exam questions are in Hindi" 253; "I kept dreaming of a face in the floor" 254; Dream Duty, 272; Dretske , Fred 70; (pioneer in the field of cognitive science, Philosophy Dept., Duke Univ.) du Bois marijuana cigarette; ("doobie") Duffy, Maura 973; childhood schoolmate of Gately's Dukakis, Michael 576; former Governor of Mass., & US presidential candidate who lost to George H. Mc Lean Hospital 249; where Himself did "a two-day purge and detox" while working on the Entertainment; fn.145/1027; in Belmont, MA, where J. Mikey 958; "alcoholic, addict and a sick fuck" with child visitation issues with his mother and sister Militant Grammarians of Massachussetts (MGM) 288; led by Avril I.; Tactical Phalanx, 288; fn.234/1039 Millennial Fizzy 182; soft drink; fn.138; taken w/Oreos for "jittery amphetaminic buzz" 200 Miller, W. Roberta Joan Anderson, Saskatchewan, Canada, 7Nov43) M. Dunkel, Rik 381; ETA prorector; 457; Du Plessis, Guillaume 30; "the most infamous anti-O. ) Enfield, MA about, 240- Enfield Marine VA Hospital Complex aka Enfield Marine Public Health Hospital complex (E. Correctional Institution, in Billerica.) Mc Kenna, Kieran 341; ETA student Mc Lachlin, Kyle 944; Kyle Mac Lachlan, American actor who worked with director David Lynch on Blue Velvet, Twin Peaks, and Dune. planned out Found Drama ("the ultimate Neorealism") "to get revenge" on critics of his films Mc Nair, Stokely ("Dark Star") 129; junkie in Boston; 300; "the late" 690; M. MA; Metheun Fan-Complex, 571; 670; Metropolis 193; 1927 film by Fritz Lang; "chilling framed print of Lang directing" 951 Micheaux 232; filmmaker? Student Union 184; "one enormous cerebral cortex" MK-Ultra 472; CIA-sponsored brainwashing experiments in B. Treat's counselor at Ennet House N., Tamara 445; at AA meeting NAAUP 9; collegiate athletic association Naked I Club 370; where "skinny hard-faced Advanced Basics girl" at Boston AA meeting was a stripper at 16-years-old National Clays 287; tennis tournament in Indianapolis IN National Cranio-Facial Pain Foundation 267; where Schacht interns in Enfield, MA; where Sorkin gets treated, 913; ad featuring painting of headachey Sorkin, 977; Near Eastern Medical Attaché 78; 87; Neaves, Didi 208; "new black girl" at Ennet House resident w/skull tatooed on her upper abdomen; 543; works at ETA, 634; Neeld, Harper 253; Seven Choices: Taking the Steps to New Life After Losing Someone You Love Ne Gram 235; something on Notkin's bathroom's sink Neil 404; "in Spin" dept of Gentle's administration Nell See G., Nell neo-Thomist Realism 745; "Personalistes, an aesthetic schoolf of great influence over French Catholic intellectuals circa 1930-1940" 745; New Choice 503; "grim" juvenile rehab in Dorchester MA Newton 182; "Newton's II" possibly a reference to Newton's 2nd Law Of Motion (though the "For Every Action There's An Equal But Opposite Reaction" vibe would more accurately be conveyed by Newton's 3rd.) Nichols 78; aka Jack Nicholson in "One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest" Nickerson 291; Orin's doubles partner; 296; Nickerson Farms Meat Facsmile [sic] 291; Orin's strabismic B. doubles partner is an heir to its "fortune" Nietzschean 605; Nightmare on Elm Street XXII: The Senescence 825; Mc Dade bitching about having to watch Nixon, Richard 147; "N[ixon]-K[ennedy] debates of B. 1960" No Coat Lingua Scrapers 151; 235 North American Junior Tennis 431; biweekly & trilingual magazine Notkin, Molly Cantrell("near-Professor") 219; Ph. In Film and Film-Cartridge Theory from MIT; former lover who believed there were "only a finite number of erections possible in the world" 220; father, 234; "thick swart girl" 625; on Himself's "early oeuvre" 740; interrogated by Rod the God Tine, 787; Notre Rai Pays 222; 753; 1013; 1017; 1019; literally "our spoken country." (possibly this is a term used by Quebecois to refer to their country, separate from Canada? Elizabeth's Hospital; broke his wife's nose so that it laid flat against her face and refused to let her have it fixed; O. (No evident relation to Terminix.) Thode, Mary Esther 113; "Girls 16's/18's prorecter" at ETA (338); "regarded by the upperclassmen as probably insane" 307; "The Toothless Predator: Breast-Feeding as Sexual Assault" 307; takes lots of thiamine, 339; her sister Ruth, a senior at ETA during Orin's time, 955 Thorp, Corbett 188; prorector who teaches Trigonometry of Cubes at ETA; prorector in Hal's dorm, fn.82; "Deviant Geometries" 306; terrible stutter, 456; Thrale, Hester 180; female Ennet House resident; Earth tatooed on her stomach, 207; Alfa Romeo gets towed, 823; Thrust, Calvin 195; Ennet House alumnus & volunteer counselor, former NYC porno actor; Bruce Green's counselor, 582; cartridge Gately saw of Thrust having sex with a lady with only one arm" 819; recounting Ennet House fight w/Nucks to Gately, 819-21; air of imminent departure, 823; Tilden on Spin 171; Tennis book written in 1937 Tilden, Bill 289; tennis champ of early 20th century. 92; Chief of Office of Unspecified Services; acknowledged architect of O. Party, Gentle's party; "annular agnation of ultra-right jingoist. .disillusioned fringes" that "swept to quadrennial victory" as a third party, 382; 1016;1022; Dali , Salvador 185; Spanish surrealist painter Darkstar See Mc Nair, Stokely Day, Geoffrey 209; Ennet House resident; "red-wine-and-Quaalude man who [...] manned the helm of a Scholarly Journal" 272; fn.90; "closet poofta" 561; the dark, billowing horror triggered by violin notes and vibrating window-glass, 649; attended Brown University and graduated magna cum laude, 650; telling Gately about his brother who "had enormous red loose lips and wore eyeglasses so thick his eyes had looked like an ant's eyes" w/phobic fear of leaves, 828; article on A. Day), fn.304/1056; De Bakey 33; "of maxillofacial yeast" D. D., 225; 300; De Niro, Robert 944; American film actor De Palma 185; (Brian) American film director Department of Social Services (D. S.) 377-78; depression Gompert's clinical, 69; unipolars ("tormented by the conviction that no one lese could hear or understand them"), 75; 692; anhedonia, or simple melancholy, afflicting goal-oriented people, 692-93; clinical, 695; psychotic, 695-96; a "trapped person [who] reaches a certain unendurable level will kill herself the same way a trapped person will eventually jump from the window of a burning high-rise" 696; beyond human aid, 697; Deren, Maya 185; at Notkin party; 228 Desai, Dick 491; in Data Production, B. 273; TP viewer Decade Magazine 284; ran a short interest-piece on Orin Deep Throat 955; a B. 3; ETA prorector; 306; described, 657; Delphina, Lady 131; dope dealer "down by the Empire" in Boston; selling to Joelle v. E's" 540; Bewitched 834; 60s TV sitcom Big Book 360; AA's book Big Buddy 66; "big-brotherly type support and counsel" given by upperclassmen at ETA to the younger students; "Each E. of AZ, "interviewing" Hal Bing [Crosby] 545; slang for cocaine; "the 'Express Elevator to AA'"; 712; fn.27/994 Bioavailable Five 582; rock band Birch, Herbert G. D." Byzantine Erotica Hal's interest in, 29; "a triptych of high-quality" 35; 950 c:\Pink2 284; 511; C, Bobby 128; "Wos' former aquaintance from crewing with slopes on the North shore for Whity Sorkin in the days of his youth"; junkie in Boston who hangs with Poor Tony and "yrstruly"; takes off patty's ear, 129; 300; henchman for Sorkin, 917; (C.)] And..I was informed by a reader named Olympia Mc Gurk, " not benzoyl peroxide; its chemical name is propionyl peroxide (or more correctly but less commonly dipropionyl peroxide).

volunteer who viewed the Entertainment Des Monts 975; colleague of Bobby C.'s; Des Montes [sp] "had no realy loyalties or membership in any community" fn.369/1078 Dickinson, Emily fn. 581; tracts by, being handed out by Bruce Green's aunt Minimal Mambo 229; danced at Notkin's party mint green Ford sedan 327; with Nunhagen Asprin ad on its right rear door, 332 Minty, Emil aka "yrstruly" (12/YDPAH), 128-35; resident at Ennet House, 178; 207; "hard-core smack-addict punk" 275; 300; 615; (Note, Emil Minty is the name of the child actor who plays the "Feral Kid" in the post-apocalyptic Mel Gibson movie "Road Warrior.") Miss Diagnosis 450; "alto grad student" who is Madame Psychosis' replacement at WYYY; 624; Mitchell, Joni 966; disk of, playing in J.

Brady-theory 232; Brando, Marlon 157; American film actor who ruined two generations "with their own bodies and everyday objects" 157; Brandt, Otto 32; janitor at ETA; "Submoronic-to-moronic" 873; appeared in Zero-Gravity Tea Ceremony, 874; Bread & Circus 478; organic, chi-chi grocery in Inman Square, Cambridge MA; shopping carts with calculators attached, 623; Brecht 944; compared to Himself Bresson 185; Parisan-French filmmaker compared to Himself; 944 Brewster's Angle 10; bricklayer 138; See also Glynn, Doony Brighton Fence & Wire 607; where Glynn Doony worked; Briggs electrode 470; implanted in brain to prevent seizures Brigham and Women's City of Boston Hospital 144 Brighton Best Savings Bank (B. Cantor, Georg 82; fn.35/994 Cantrell 410; early ETA prorector; and Clipperton in Yo W, 432; Carty, Gary 891; friend of Gately's with whom he'd trap lobsters "in the pre-dawn reek of low tide" Casey , William J. Christianson, Daphne 38 Chu, La Mont 112; ETA student; 328; confessing addiction to being a famous tennis star to Lyle, 388; 458; Chuck or Chick 531-33; guy who shoots guy who "made him look small" in front of his girl chyme 635-13: partly digested food passed from stomach to duodenum Cisne 264; ETA student CITGO 476; Claprood, Governor 576; pre-O.

the Antitois' cell, "self-contained, a monomitotic cell, eccentric and borderline-incompetent"; death, 486; Front-Contre-O. 49-50; ETA student; introduced Hal to marijuana, 67; 633; Boston AA 343; Betty Crocker Cake Mix trope, 467; Boston Univerity 284; Terriers, 286; Bouncety-Bounce, Mr. children's program; "-brand bow-biters" 111; 520; "appears in his old cloth-and-safety-pin diaper and paunch and rubber infant-head mask" 648; 878; Gately loves the show, 922; Bow&Arrow 129; gay bar in Harvard Squar[e], Boston bradyphrenic 314.1-3; lost or impaired ability to make decisions or act independently, abulic. B.) 542; 708; Bröckengespenstphänom 88; (fn.38) "Goethe's well-known"; 641 Brookline Young People's Mtg. writer/philosopher Candida Albicans 33; a dimorphous organism that can be either a yeast, in which form it is not invasive, or a fungus, in which form it is. Cambridge NA group Clenette See Henderson, Clenette clicks 573 4; kilometers Clinton, Hillary R. C.) 382; Clipperton, Eric 407; Clipperton Brigade; fin de siecle unseeded 16-year-old tennis legend who threatened to shoot himself if he ever lost a game; 431; from Crawfordsville IN, 433; 681; Clow, Lori fn.209/1035; ETA student playing microtennis w/Freer CNS 292; central nervous system cockroaches 44-45 Columbia Guide to Refractive Indices Second Edition 161; book young J.

490; director of Input/Output testing of "the Entertainment"; 646 Flechette, Dwight 949; ETA student during Orin's time there Flechette, Walt 46; ETA student in Orin's dream Flents 201; brand of earplug F. S.'s northern oxides north" 385; provenance, 402-03;1018; "massive lucite walls" 438; Green, Bruce 38; 8th grader who fell in love with Mildred Bonk; at Ennet House, 179; 207; "garbage-head all-Substance-type kid" 276; 363; Lenz's confidant, 546; 553; parents, 578-81; "'For God's sake no Mr. Hazel 834; 70s TV sitcom head- Millicent Kent hairdo, 122; eye popping out of "C's map" 134; Mario's "large but sort of withered-looking head" 154; "Hal's head, closely monitored by de Lint and Staff, is judged still level and focused" 155; Himself "transcending that overlarge head" 158; "the sound of your head revving, and head is still just body" 159; "pencil-necked big-headed asthmatic little kid staring up through Coke-bottle lenses" 182; "The engineer [...] has extremely bad skin" 183; "M. T.'s near-new Student Union [...] one enormous cerebral cortex" 184; "a living corporeal head" 189; "phrenologically malformed" 190; "Two-Baggers" 190; "the utterly noseless" 191; "Kornspan's red face is leaping around on his skull" 199; "mesomorphic head" 200; "99% of the head's thinking activity consists of trying to scare the everliving shit out of itself" 204; Didi N.'s tattoo of "tattered screaming skull" 208; "synthetic-narc-addicted kid" named Skull, 208; "her brain heving around in its skull" 226; "brain heaving in its bone-box" 231; "lifted her veil back to cover her skull like a bride" 235; "[Schacht's] own big sick head" 262; Mario's "poor big head" 267; "They identify their whole selves with their head, and the Disease makes its command headquarters in the head" 272; "head-gaming" 273; Treat's "ruined face" 274; "Disease chewing away inside his head" 274; "garbage-head all-Substance-type kid [...] face very slightly smunched in on one side" 276; "bird-like head movements" 276; "look of a mean clown" 277; Gately's "massive square head" 277; Heath, Pam fn.24/987; played dentist's wife in Himself's Fun with Teeth; played wife in Himself's Various Small Flames, fn.24/988; plays "Death as a lethally beautiful woman" in Himself's Möbius Strips, fn.24/990; Heaven, Paul Anthony 910; thumbless; played dull Academic in Good-Looking Men ...; "data entry drone for Ocean Spray"; narrated "There Are No Losers Here" fn.24/986; played a son in Himself's Low-Temperature Physics, fn.24/991; Heidegger , Martin 233; Ger. listed with Nick Bolliteri, famous Floridian nurturer of tennis youth.) Horace 551; Stice family dog back in Kansas, and Stice's name for his anger Howell, Mr. Local 517 813; Ewell's father's union ("International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers") Incandenza, Mrs. Johnson's demise, 1051; "views the recipients of [her] charity not as persons so much as pieces of exercise equipment on which [she] can develop and demonstrate [her] own virtue" fn.269/1052; AFR spy ? She is 197 cm (6' 5 1/2") tall in flats" 898; "had Himself interred in her family's traditional plot in L'Islet Province" 907; "birth-mother had died in Québec of an infarction when [the Moms] was eight, her father during her sophomore year at Mc Gill under circumstances none of us knew" 953; affairs with "Bain, graduate students, grammatical colleagues, Japanese fight-choreographers, the hairy-shouldered Ken N. post-modern hero, 140-42; "the catatonic hero, the one beyond calm, divorced from all stimulus, carried here and there across sets by burly extras" 142; bunks in subdorm A on 3rd floor of Comm.-Ad.; date of birth: 10/91, 155; about, 155; training, 172; "the window of opportunity [to take DMZ] looks to be 11/20-21" 217; discovered J. in microwave, 248; and the grief-therapist, 252; his tennis game, 260; "asymetrically hobbled on the care-too-much side" of tennis proficiency, 269; "the substance-compulsion's strange apparent contribution to Hal's erumpent explosion up the rankings has got to be a temporary thing, that there's like a psychic credit-card bill for Hal in the mail" 270; "feels at his own face to see whether he is wincing" 342; craves dope, tobacco & sugar, 395; "an almost obsessive dislike for de Lint" 460; taking care of the blind kid from Philo IL who had "cranium-issues" 518; "at complete ease with" Stice, 521; lying on his back "photosynthesizing" 560; relationship to the Moms, fn.234/1040; near-loss to Stice, 627; "lifetime virginity is a conscious goal" 634; "a whole new and chemical-free Hal" 635; "Hal's in essence a torturer" as a player, 659; Pump Room hideaway sniffed out by kids, 668; his tennis game, 680, 682; chewing Kodiak, 686; "the sleek little show-offy kid" 745; ONANTA guy holding him and Pemulis by the ear, 759; dream of losing teeth, 770; "O. ) in Himself's Safe Boating is No Accident M., Gene See Martinez, Eugenio Mackey fn.209/1035; senior male ETA student Madame, The 542; hallucinogen Doony Glynn did in 1989 Made Guys from the North End 609; presumably "made" members of the mafia. A tool (test) used to categorize humans by personality. T.'s administrative ass't; 174; 432; about, 509-; More Will Be Revealed 540; NA group Morris [sic] Code 275 M. 446; Gately's mother's "live-in lover, a former Navy M. who used to beat her up on a regular schedule"; 840-43; drove a "cheese-and-egg delivery truck for Cheese King Inc." 841; maiming flies, 842; mucronate 314.1 5. In fact when I did it I came up with a different year.

(Gerald) 63; American president, 1974-76 Formal Affair, A 717; store Lenz rips off tux jacket & spats Fortier, M. This 1999 post to wallace-l has more info.] Goncharov 282; author of Oblomov Good Morning, Midnight 191; "depressing book" read by Madame Psychosis. Also a poem by Emily Dickinson, 1830-1889) Gopnik, Josh 119; younger ETA student; 330; Grateful Dead 208; 481; 904; 918; 927; Great Bisbee Palm-Rot epidemic 167; in AZ in 1933 Great Concavity 58; 67; 233; provenance, 402-03; "three-quarters of the Concavity's northern border runs contiguous to Québec" 1017; 1018; reason for being, 572; "a surrounding environment so fertilely lush it's practically unlivable" 573; delimited by "Lucite walls and ATHSCME'd checkpoints" 670; Great Convexity 59; 233; "the glass-walled Great Convexity whose southernd array of ATHSCME Effectuators blow the tidy U. 578; father of Bruce; former aerobics instructor (till leg shrank/grew), then "worked in a Waltham novelty or notions concern, something with 'N in the name" 579; packed cigars with tetryl-based explosives, grossly decapitating 3 Rotarians and 24 Shriners, 581; Green Babies 288; Avril's houseplants; 745; Green Door, The 955; actually Behind the Green Door, a 70s porno flick Gregg pen 622; stenographer's pen; 656; 659; Grief-Therapist 16; and Hal (to alleviate the Moms' guilt), 252; 954 Griffith, D. fn.24/986; Himself dedicated Dark Logics to him Gunther, Nell 208; Ennet House resident; has a glass eye which she wears backwards, 362; Guy Who Didn't Even Use His First Name 137; founded Ennet House; 465; Gymnasium Kaiserslautern 460; where Schtitt went to school, in Germany H., Morris See Hanley, Morris Habitant Soup 425; 480; Hagia Sophia 952; floor plans for, at Qal'at Si'man Hallie 49; aka Hal Incandenza Hammid 185; Hamilton, M(argaret) 191; actress who played the West Witch in Wizard of Oz, color Xerox of in Avril's study; Hamlet "Riverside Hamlet" 171; "signifying zip" 174; 238; 900; "never once doubts the reality of the ghost"; Poor Yorick Entertainment, fn.24/990; "the graveyard scene from" fn.337/1076; Hanley, Morris 205; Ennet House resident; "special tollhouse cookies" 205; 279; 363; 564; baked cream-cheese brownies for hospitalized Gately, 826; Haplology 745-2; Happy Patches 420; fn.169/1031; 474; Happy Slippers ("pisscatchers") 85-86; what they wear at Ennet House Harde, Dave ("Fall Down Very") 152; narcoleptic old ETA janitor; fn.93; "Flight of the Bumblebee" 405; 666; "spinal funiculi" fn.324/1066; Hartigan, Neil 454; laconic ETA prorector; "traditional Tahitian shirt and Gaugin-motif sweater" 460; 525; 667; Harv 802; at Inner Child group Harvey, Paul 271; radio personality known for "The Rest Of The Story." Hasbro 883; "tie-ins with" Hawaii Five-O 584; 60s TV detective show Hayworth, Rita 209; American film actress of mid 20th century. and Chuck Tavis live Ho, Don 583; Hawaiian pop singer; "My Lovely Launa-Una Luau Lady" 586; "voice has the quality of a type of: ointment" 587; Hobbes , Thomas 12; English philosopher; "Hobbesian sewers" 44 Hoffman-Jeep, Pamela 465; Gately's "totally alcoholic past girlfriend"; about the relationship, 924; Holt, Gretchen 755; younger ETA student Home Group 209; "Ewell's chosen" Hooley, Maureen 876; Vice-President for Children's Entertainment, Interlace Telentertainment, Inc.; Hope, Bob 51; code for marijuana; fn.27/994 (Bob Hope, American comedian) Hopman 82; tennis teacher (? ("The Moms") 10; native of Canada; Hal's mother; "assignations with a certain unnamed bisexual bassoonist in the Albertan Secret Guard's tactical-bands unit" (per Himself), 30; affair with medical attaché, 30, 91, 1049; slipping "certain organic testosterone-regeneration compound distilled by the Jivaro shamen of the South-Central L. basin" into Hal's cereal (according to Himself), 30; "agoraphobic workaholic and obsessive-compulsive" 42; working hard not to show her "maternal dread" 50; "black phobic dread of hiding or secrecy," "rarely travels above ground" 51; marriage to Himself, 64; "taught out at Brandeis where [Du Plessis had] done his residency" 91; teaches triad of required Grammars at ETA, 154; 187; "had this effect on older men" 286; "E. Wayne, 552; father was a potato farmer in Québec, fn.234/1041; style of "abuse" 1050; reaction to S. " (Hal is 12), 29; interest in Byzantine pornography, 29, 950; "obsession with having nobody [...] know he's high" 54; drugs and, 67; "atavistically dark-complected" 99; pedigree, 100; ankle, 104; gets high daily, 114; "Blott and Arslanian are looking at him. '" 114; "a twinge in a tooth on his mouth's left side" 121; "60% of what he told Orin on the phone since Orin had abruptly started calling again this spring was a lie" 136; paper on modern v. 116; ETA student & "thirteen-year-old baseliner and calculus phenom from Wilmington DE, who 'Wears the Beanie' as Eschaton's gamemaster and statistician of record" (322); "stats-wienie and Eschaton game-master," 171; 264; Hitachi monitor still over his head from Eschaton violence, 456; in Tavis' office, 527; in hospital bed next to Gately, 817; Hitachi monitor removed on Thursday, 948; Loring A. above the top of the towel dispenser" 700; met and bonded w/Himself on Canada's Northwest coast, 706; "'I Don't Know (How to Love Him)' from an old opera Lyle sometimes [...] listened to at night in the weight room" 808; taught ETA kids that "panic sharpens the senses almost past enduring" 896; says that "the most advanced level of Vaipassana or 'Insight' meditation consisted in sitting in fully awakened contemplation of one's own death" 898; Lynch, David 944; American film (Eraserhead, The Elephant Man, Blue Velvet, Wild At Heart, Lost Highway) and TV (Twin Peaks, On The Air ) director; parodied (? ), 960; Moore, Lateral Alice 99; ETA administration, C. S.2002 [note: I left this 2002 thing in because I couldn't disprove it, but nor can I recall in the text where one can fix subsidized time to "regular" time. Regional Operative; meeting re ads telling kids not to watch dubious entertainment cartridges Tingly (Tingley) 208; Ennet House resident; "stout alcoholic kid" 609; Töblerone 34; chocolate candy imported from Switzerland; 48 Tode, Mary Esther 80; prorector at ETA Tolan, Billy fn.24/987; plays academic in Himself's Fun with Teeth Tolstoy , Count Leo, (Lev Nikolayevich) 95; sentence syntax; (1828-1910) Russian writer/philosopher.

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This index is based on Tim Ware's Infinite Jest index [pregnant pause] well..fact it IS Ware's index (except for a few ads I've added) and I post it here because the old url at (indeed itself) has gone to a better place.

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