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Age - 25 Compliments - 8/10 Scent - 9,5/10 Main notes according to me - lemon,vanilla,rose,carnation, leather,cinnamon,sandalwood,benzoin. It begins with a surprisingly challenging, very strong, lemony citrus blast, goes into a vanilla stage that smells like sunshine to my nose, and ends hours later with hints of leather.The drydown is moderatly sweet,leathery,powdery and resinous and I get some -vanilla,leather,benzoin and sandalwood. Perfect for special occasions,nights out and semi-formal events. Guerlain Habit Rouge EDT is a long-lasting complex fragrance that can’t be understood by just sniffing the opening in a department store, which is fortunate because this fragrance is pretty hard to find in U. This is often called a masculine Shalimar but I think this is less dark and resinous than that one.Wait a little longer and the vanilla comes through. There is a huge citrus in its opening that really blasts the rose but in such a fresh way not usually a fan of this kind of rose but it smells so fresh and natural..takes me back to when i was growing up walking past one of my mother's rosebushes when they were in full bloom! Rather, I appreciate life and live it with passion.When that fades then I get a very nice woodsy vanilla scent that lasts for a good long while. I am in touch with time and its affairs, and I live with an eye toward eternal realities.It starts fresh with a blast of lemon, bergamot, and orange; then warms up on your skin to a powdery Rosy leather.The citrusy background hangs on throughout the life of the fragrance.

This is a classic; an intense citrus, rose, and leather blend.

Emotions -elegant,sophisticated,complex,profound,timeless. (Tom Ford Noir EDP is more like Shalimar than this.) Surprisingly, I find Habit Rouge EDT to be less masculine than Shalimar EDP.

Masculine, feminine, or otherwise, Habit Rouge is an optimistic scent that really lightens my day when I wear it.

This is a year round fragrance with right spray adjustments.

An affordable fragrance that is so versatile, for suits and a t-shirts, rain or sunshine, morning, afternoon, & evening with excellent performance. I think I'm hooked on these one day reverse-love-hate-stands.

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I don't really get the incense smell people keep talking about with this one but overall a very nice fragrance that I'm really enjoying! Therefore, I am a gentleman, and I present myself as such." Habit Rouge is a gentleman's fragrance. Leather and woods give it the masculinity of strength and character, as well as intrigue. Incense reminds us that life and love reach into eternity. I rarely wear unisex and I haven’t worn fragrances designed for men, but when my husband applied this, it was all over... I think it’s the most stunning fragrance - probably the most floral of the male fragrances I am familiar with.