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If you are serious about wanting help with this attachment, this would be a worthwhile path to explore. To anonymous Dec.19,2017-I am sorry,but it is real!

You state that it is true that certain parishes do require the wearing of such apparel then if that is the case then please prey name these parishes and whom the priest is ! there are parishes that do require the girls to wear a diaper and plastic pants under their communion dresses.

I had to when i made my First Communion at age 11were required for all of us girls in my class and we had to wear white tights over them.

I know this may not have anything to do with a getting although I have been accused of having one by people who don't know me and this hurts because I get teased and bullied something which really depresses me even more, So much so I tried to commit suicide fortunately I was stopped before I could do any real harm to myself.I have tried to stop but I have something driving me to keep doing it. For some it has a sexual connection, for others, it is non-sexual. Ben's Answer: The compulsion to wear diapers is what would be called a diaper fetish.It is a total Fallacy and in the minds of the writer No Priest in the Catholic Church requires any participant in first communion or Baptism to wear a diaper and Plastic pants unless the person has a medical condition that warrants the wearing of such apparel That has come from the Vatican in Rome they do then that priest is not part of the Catholic Church and is breaking the rules of the Catholic church.I have researched into this phenomonen and have asked people who indulge in wearing Nappies/Diapers and plastic pants.

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I am now left with the lingering question does the fact I wear disposable adult diapers make me an infant by that I mean a adult baby?