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The new design was built from the ground up to focus on mobile devices (which represent over 60% of our traffic).Since our launch in November, we’ve seen a 50% increase in our mobile conversions, and a 24% increase in our tablet conversions.” – Diana Perkins, Lead Web Designer “When you enter our site, you are immediately immersed in our products and brand.Magazine, La Quan Smith, founder and designer of the La Quan Smith celebrity fashion brand, and Andrea Wagner, head of design at Big Commerce.Following the winners, you’ll see our top 15 finalists as well as an additional 57 honorable mentions.

It was a natural process of evolving with the digital age.May these stores help to inspire your brand to take your website to the next level of interaction, engagement and conversion.“About a year ago, we made the decision to replatform from our old, slow, outdated, hard-to-maintain ecommerce platform to Big Commerce.As a CEO of a company that offers a great product, I already knew that with SISU we had something special.But I am sincerely grateful for the recognition from Big Commerce, and the opportunity to be featured as their showcase website in Inc. Considering the amount of websites that are hosted on Big Commerce, I should admit I was pleasantly surprised to learn that SISU was chosen as one of the most excellent on this platform.

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