Quartet dating

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Quartet dating

It was a work which the band started in 2009 and was released as an EP in June 2013, distributed by Morr Music.

The initial melody (which almost sounds like the intro to a Van Halen tune) is doubled on a second guitar, then gradually sped up so that the second guitar winds up one eighth note ahead of the original melody.The recording of amiina's second studio album Puzzle started during spring or summer of 2010, released by the band on Sept 27, 2010, getting worldwide distribution the following year.The songs on Puzzle are more rhythmically rugged than previous work and feature heavier use of electronics.When performing the Animagica program amiina plays usually as a trio or a quartet.In late 2012 amiina recorded The Lighthouse Project.

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The song Hilli was released on December 10, 2007 as the second single from the album Kurr.