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Progressivedating com

To help ensure a balance of men and women, we will have a stand-by list of 3-5 men and women at each event.Stand-bys are not charged unless they actually participate in the Progressive Date before and after and during the break." -- John in NC "eliminates awkward first-date conversations about political views!" -- Denise in AR "better than any dating site I've tried. After the break, we will complete the Progressive Date is a more like a party than a dating service.Also, please note that we will try and balance the number of men and women at each event; however, we can not guarantee this will occur at each event.Payment is due in check or cash before each event, there are no refunds, and there is a charge for returned checks.

You will also be given a page of sample questions to use during your "dates." Additionally, you will receive a Progressive Daters form for you to keep track of who you would like to see again, and whom you wouldn't.We will follow this process for the first 15 "dates," then we will have a 15-minute break.During the break, you are free to get a drink or to speak with someone you met, or someone you would like to meet again.Sign-up begins 60 minutes before the scheduled time of the event.If you so desire, please feel free to come even earlier and have a bite to eat!

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Whenever two parties each say "yes" I would like to see this person again, that is a "match," and you will each be notified via email that you both indicated you were interested in dating one another again..

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