Problems updating windows 8 to 8 1

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Step 3: Search for updates, after 30m-1h you will see a firmware update, press install without modifying the update list. Don't forget to hit that Great work and thanks for the help ill try this on my surface 2 when I have more free time.Step 4: After the installation got succeeded, and your surface rt restarted go ahead and search again for updates. Step 11: Turn off your Wifi, and reboot the surface. I basically did that but instead got to the point where I was able to manually install the update 3 (which was about 60 updates in) and just stopped there and blocked updates so I could use the store without errors and use the development tool to run ported desktop apps.Here’s a good deinstallation guide to follow exactly! How to fix i Tunes on Windows 8 and Windows 8.1, if i Tunes will not work Fix Method A: Install Windows 8 Media Center This is my favorite method because it works for me and my Acer Aspire 1810T running on Windows 8.1.Some say that missing files on Windows 8 are the reason for problems with i Tunes on Windows 8 because they got the following error message: The missing files are only part of the Windows 8 Media Center.Step 5: Again you will see a package of updates, this update includes the Windows RT 8.1 Update 1 update (kb2919355). Step 7B (Read before doing): IF kb2919355 is not installed and you are stuck on the search for updates part please download THIS file, turn off your Wi Fi, install the file by opening it, restart when finished and turn on Wi Fi Step 8: Once Windows Update is searching for at least 4 hours we came at the point where most of us are stuck. I restored an image on my surface RT more then 80 times in total.Step 6: When you finished installing the updates and your surface rebooted again, go to "installed updates" and check if kb2919355 is installed. Contacted Microsoft which couldn't do anything and just told me to live with it.

However I tested this 2 times on my own tablet I can guarantee you this will work!And i Tunes will only allow 5 devices authorized with one single i Tunes account at all!Second, be sure that either it is your first i Tunes installation on your PC or you uninstalled i Tunes properly before you moved to Windows 8.But I personally do not know any person with i Tunes problems who installed the Media Center!Fix Method B: Change the compatibility to Windows 7 or vista Fix Method C: Extract the compressed installation files and install i Tunes If you got the error message “Can not execute” while trying to install i Tunes, the trick to overcome that problem is the option to extract itunes64with Win RAR or similar programs.

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At least, it seems that there are three main problems: Missing or wrong administrator rights caused during the upgrade to Windows 8, artifacts of previous i Tunes installation on Windows 7 or Windows Vista and/or missing files on Windows 8, needed to run i Tunes.