Paleomagnetic dating is based on the fact that Tonik movie web camera

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Note how volcanoes (north-)west and (south-)east of the TMVB seem to align along the 300 and 100 km subduction isolines as opposed to transversing them as is the case in the TMVB.(Adapted from Macías 2007) In addition to these three main lines of active volcanism, there are further lines of dormant or extinct volcanoes, one bordering the Mexico City plain to the west and the Toluca plain to the east with another one bordering the latter plain to the west.(Hotu Matua) It is inevitable that the higher we get in this series, the more speculative our choices may seem.If everything was known about every volcano, identifying and motivating the choice of the ten most dangerous ones would be a relatively simple matter.

The TVMB is outlined in grey and the alignment of volcanoes mentioned are in yellow.The approximately 11 x 13 km Tilzapotla caldera is located on top of this large, rhyolitic dome feature.“The caldera is defined by a 33 x 24 km semi-elliptical structure that encircles the largest exposures of the Tilzapotla ignimbrite and corresponds to the structural margin rather than the topographic rim.To complicate the matter even further, both north and south of these plains run lines of ancient, heavily eroded and extinct(?) volcanic edifices that seem to follow the subduction zone.

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