Overweight teen dating website

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For each kilogram of body weight, she needs to drink 1.75g of glucose.

For example, your child weighs about 40 kilograms, then she needs to get 70g of glucose.

Many experts believe that fasting blood glucose test may have less accuracy than glucose challenge test.

A few doctors also indicate that glycated hemoglobin test is a good tool to diagnose pre-diabetes signs in children.

(6 percent is comparable to 140 mg/d L of blood glucose level.) If your child is diagnosed with pre-diabetes, what you should do next?If your child is moderately overweight, eventually she may get a normal body weight during adolescence, because she gets taller.But in some cases she won’t and it means there should be some changes in her lifestyle.It will be good for your child’s health and your relationship.Your child should have about 30 minutes of high-intensity exercise each day.

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• Sit down and talk with child why it is necessary to make a few changes in her lifestyle and diet habits to prevent future disease.