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The problem with these companies is they aren’t stable and after 15 months the company was bleeding money and people where either given less hours and salary or asked to leave.It wasn’t the quality of the employees as we had a wonderful, top-notch team like myself.With some good funding and a good business plan and dynamic goals the company looked like a place for me to grow and prosper.This led to a move to a new city and the search for a new rental apartment and a fixed term lease.

Ontario Landlords Association has proven it is open to lots of views for all of us to play a role with a goal of improving the rental industry.

Thank you for providing this venue for my concerns and agreeing to not censor anything I have to say.

My opinions are extremely important and need to be heard.

I was forced to spend most of my meager savings paying those months of rent when I should have been looking for work in another location.

Spending money on rent is not productive for our economy and just a waste.

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