Ohio laws on dating a minor is brittany daniel still dating keenan

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"Peace officers are liable under the statute even if they did not use their status as peace officers to identify potential victims and abuse them." The government has an interest in protecting minors from coercion and in keeping officers from abusing their authority, O'Connor wrote. Justice Judith Ann Lanzinger concurred in judgment only.But the section of the sexual battery addressing officers "represents a classification of persons undertaken for its own sake, something the Equal Protection Clause does not permit." Justices Paul E. Dissenting opinions Justices Judith French and Sharon Kennedy each wrote dissents. Kennedy wrote that the state had legitimate reasons for treating officers as a special group, and that the majority erred in that it didn't show the law would be unconstitutional in all cases involving that group.

"The General Assembly determined that the privilege of serving as a peace officer comes with the obligation to adhere to a higher standard of conduct both on and off duty," she wrote.That doesn't mean that police may engage in such acts without fear of prosecution.Other laws barring adults, including peace officers, from having sexual conduct with minors remain in place.You must follow the state's rules for attempting to find the absent parent before filing a petition packet and include the details of this search on the affidavit.Ohio requires you to contact the other parent's relatives, friends, last known employers, doctors and state's child support enforcement agency. The court will complete the hearing and order notice with a date for you to appear before a judge.

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