Odessa women dating scam

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Of the dozens and dozens (and dozens) of women that “replied” to my post, one was Elena (featured here).

I looked at Elena’s photos and as you can see, she is quite beautiful.

more about Natalia from Kiev I am a grown woman who knows what she wants.

I had my first date with Elena and it was delightful.

I believe that in life we have to work hard in order to get what we want.

I think every woman wants to be happy, the same is ...

She asked about my university ring that I proudly wore and she seemed to hang on every detail as I described my work and travels. At its conclusion, I paid our interpreter (Elena didn’t speak English) and we made plans to meet again. And by the fourth date I realized something was amiss.

The prices for interpreters have gone up to about -20 per hour but back in 2009 I was paying about per hour. If a woman like Elena works as a receptionist or secretary, she maybe will earn 0-0 per month working 40 hours a week, 4 weeks a month. From what I will later come to learn is that the two women would split the commission between them. Not bad if you can pick up two or three dates on Saturday or Sunday each week. I didn’t tell either woman that I could speak and understand some Russian and after one date, Elena excused herself to take a call and I listened in. After our 4th or 5th date, I suggested to Elena that we should have a date without the interpreter.

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They showed me all of the tourist sites and famous bridges and landmarks. She smiled and said that this was a great idea and we made a date for two days later.

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