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The damage may not be irreparable, but it won't be repaired any time soon.Guest Writer Says Obama 'Should Be Forced to Resign'. Obama was not born into substantial wealth, but his family on both sides was well connected, providing a traditional advantage that allowed him entry into elite society.But the real moment of clarity in the first Year of the Trump comes as America realizes just how incompetent and phony Barack Obama was.

Many in the media are warning that President Donald Trump is incompetent and doesn't know what he's doing.

Note: You might want to start at the Barack Obama Index Page, especially if you arrived here by using a search engine. Before becoming a Chicago politician, he worked as a "community organizer" (big deal! President Obama isn't quite what anyone had expected. I tried to warn everyone before the 2008 election that Barack Obama had little or no executive experience — certainly no experience running a business, no military service, no foreign-policy experience, and less than one full term in the U. More than anything else, it is this dynamic that explains his rise and his selfishness. I continually ask leftists to list Obama's domestic and foreign policy achievements, and I have yet to see a list.

President Obama has never managed a business in his life. After only a few weeks in office, even some of his strongest supporters began to see (at last! It also clarifies Obama's heavy narcissism, bullying behavior, and utter lack of graciousness. They would probably list the Iran deal, the pretend Paris agreement, and Obamacare.

The evidence confirming the totality of our failure is breathtaking in scope and severity. Every single error made on the federal level concerning terror since the first inauguration of Barack Obama came to a head, from encouraging Muslim immigration to enabling terrorists to enter the country to crippling security investigations in the name of PC.

The federal government has unilaterally broken a basic element of the social contract — that the citizen will give up private use of violence and support the government in exchange for protection. Both the military and police have given up any pretense of attempting to control Islamic terrorism. In an increasingly dangerous world, Obama has checked out as commander in chief.

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