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I never imagined all the great moments, fun and odd ball surprises that I’d face in my four decades behind the microphone.” Those unexpected experiences included: The TV star that went toe-to-toe with a lady of the evening one morning in our studio and The 25-year old DJ who gets a big surprise from a 70-year old cougar.

Morin writes a humor column for the Nashua (NH) Telegraph and has contributed to the Boston Globe, Chicken Soup for the Soul books and several magazines.

In June, 2013, Morin received the prestigious Will Rogers Humanitarian Award.

Morin is available for radio, TV, print and Internet interviews.

So, take a stroll down memory lane to remember all of our past Word of the Year selections.

THE MOUTH, NOVEMBER 25TH, 2013 –– 101.9 KINK raises funds to feed and care for over 37,000 people in Portland with Union Gospel Mission!

And the 21 year-old senior isn’t just listening to music passively anymore. "I’ve been very into radio ever since I was a little girl,” Carolyn Harrington said.

According to blogger Robert Feder, Ferguson said he’d been putting off the procedure for years.

“It’s just gotten to a point from a comfort level that I want to get it done and get it over with,” he told me Feder.

Directly behind her, R-L is KRBE/Houston's Eric Rowe, KLOS/LA's Heidi and Frank; one over NASH-FM New York's Kelly Ford and Blair Garner.

THE MOUTH, NOVEMBER 22ND, 2013 –– 101.9/WTMX-FM Chicago's Eric Ferguson is taking today off the air to undergo elective surgery on his spine in order to relieve numbness in his arms and hands.

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