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The efficient, logical and often rewarding practice of online dating can be an excellent way to connect to someone with whom you have a lot in common.

But the complications of a relationship can often be exacerbated by the ever-changing digital landscape that comes with connecting via a smart-phone app., "breadcrumbing" is a new digital take on the old method of stringing someone along.

Further, we work towards the eradication of social injustices perpetuated towards families due to structural inequities that focus on age, ancestry, colour, race, ethnic origin, (dis)ability, gender, sexual orientation or identity, class and occupation.

The purpose of family counselling is to support individual and family goals, to promote emotional growth and development, and to manage change and accelerate conflict resolution.

In her seven years of online dating, Ordolis has committed many of these practices. Ordolis said it's important to remember the people you connect with are real people with feelings, not just names in your phone.

Services at CCCNIP include the provision of groups.

Family Counselling is one of the modalities offered by the Centre.

Ordolis reports the Number One grievance for women dating online is that their potential love has lied about their height.

For men, it's that a woman has lied about her age and weight."You do want to amp up the way you look.

Is an education presentation of two hours, offered monthly to probation clients, who are in a pre-contemplative stage of change, and whose substance use has impacted legal issues in their lives.

A therapeutic group for children who have witnessed domestic violence and their moms, who have experienced that violence.

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Full attendance and participation as well as post group follow up is necessary for successful completion.

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