No dating policy wording

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No dating policy wording

Written vacation policies are the easiest way to communicate the requirements for taking time away from the office and to express in no uncertain terms what the employees responsibilities are for their time spent away, i.e., if they need to find a replacement for their duties or schedule their time in a certain manner.Eligibility for vacation Employers are not required to offer vacation time.For example, an employee with two weeks’ vacation as of his or her third anniversary date must use the two weeks prior to his or her fourth anniversary date.If an employee fails to take his or her earned vacation time before the employee’s anniversary date in violation of this policy, the employee will not earn any further vacation until that unused vacation has been taken. Employees are not entitled to pay in lieu of taking time off for vacation.You should understand, however, that if your employment with our Company is terminated for any reason prior to the time that you have accumulated the number of vacation days taken during the vacation year, you will be responsible for reimbursing our Company for the amount of used but unaccrued vacation.At the time you “borrow” against the unaccrued vacation, you will be expected to execute a written authorization that would allow the Company to deduct the amount of used but unaccrued vacation from your final paycheck, should that be necessary.] OR [Employees may only use accrued vacation.For example, full-time employees might receive three vacation hours per pay period, whereas part-time employees might receive only two vacation hours per pay period.When writing a policy, the employer should keep in mind that accruing vacation days is not the same as earning vacation pay.

This means that your vacation year begins on [the date you started work with our Company and runs until the day before that date in the next calendar year[ OR [January 1 and ends on December 31 of each year].Vacation does not accrue between employment anniversary dates and may not be taken until it is earned.Vacation time must be used in the anniversary year after which it is earned and may not be carried over past the employee’s next anniversary date.A vacation policy may place limitations on when employees can take vacation and may require advance notice and employer approval.For instance, a vacation policy might require employees to take vacation during the annual plant shutdown or only with four weeks’ advance notice.

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