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Msds updating requirements

A variety of requirements exist regarding chemical safety standards that can vary by country and jurisdiction.

in regards to SDSs the company is usually required by law to provide SDSs for the regulated substances on site for workers who might work with or in proximity to such chemicals and ensure workers can and have access to these sheets.

Three years in development, SDS Smart now offers a simple solution with automatic MSDS updates and easy-to-use desktop, mobile, and website access and management tools.

No – the chemical supplier is responsible for providing a Material Safety Data Sheet to its customers.

Some SDS expire, however, that depends on the local laws of your jurisdiction.At SDS Smart we will do our best to locate any SDS you request.If we cannot find one because the legislation does not apply or it is exempt we will notify you.This allows us to focus only on needed sheets and pass on savings to you our clients, therefore keeping our prices the lowest in the industry. Why pay a 3rd party to track your SDSs if you have to enter them in manually anyways?At SDS Smart you simply provide your inventory of chemicals names and their corresponding supplier/manufacturer and we do the rest. All you have to do as the client is to provide the initial inventory.

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