Most intimidating sayings

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Most intimidating sayings

We mean, come on Israel, what happens if the other guy has a tank, too?Does it turn into a stalemate where both tanks have to wait until one of the drivers needs to get out and pee?The motto: Even though it’s only three words long, this motto tells you all you need to know about the unit: CBC commentators can have the words; leave the action to these elite Canadian asskickers.Of course, just because they speak softly and carry a big () stick doesn’t change the fact that this unit is one of the worst kept secrets in military history. As the name suggests, the Royal Navy is technically sworn to serve the Queen of England who, if she really felt like it, could tell them to declare war on any country she didn’t like.But unlike most soldiers, the guns Israelis were equipped with came with built in bottle openers as standard so that soldiers could open bottles without damaging their guns, which they were apparently doing enough for the government to invest in this alternative.

If you’re wondering why Finnish people would voluntarily sign up for Just let that motto soak in for a second.

We’re guessing the only reason that this isn’t the motto yet is because they keep putting off filing all of the paperwork until tomorrow.

No list about awesome military units would be complete without a guest appearance from the Gurkhas.

We don’t know whether to call that stupid or just an example of an incredibly sophisticated mind game, but either way, it’s brilliant.

Hailing from sunny Malaysia, a country mostly known for being deceptively difficult to spell, the Royal Ranger Regiment is notable for being the only unit in the country permitted to wear a pimpin’ black feather in their already awesome berets.

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There are so many stories out there about Gurkha soldiers accomplishing Goku-esque feats of heroism that you can even find them online if you search for them using Bing, and there are so many different ways of categorizing the kinds of ass they kick that they have their own TV Tropes page.

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